Visualize Unlimited Trade Capital for your Business

Our industry leaders understand the fundamental benefits of deep, core capital partnership.  We understand and appreciate the power of leveraging those partnerships.  At ChipFloat we create the ultimate "flooring program" for qualified. registered gaming communities worldwide through our exclusive ChipFloat service.

Simply put:  Everyone understands that the gaming industry has extremely generous gross margins.  Everyone also understands the need to have access to temporary, additional "reserve capital" in order to manage "event risk" when large wins are recorded.

Chip float allows the gaming community access to our reserves in order to facilitate the management of "tail risk" and at the same time, allows our own depositors an attractive "interest rate" when those reserved are called upon.  Instead of paying the gaming establishment, ChipFloat allows its depository partners to "earn" a premium return on capital while allowing the industry access to our collective, deep capital reserves.  ChipFloat clients gain temporary access to our capital in managing "tail risk" during high-win periods which do occur in their industry.  Our depository capital, traditionally called "float" in the insurance industry, pays our capital reserve partners handsomely with the knowledge that event risk (and subsequent risk of permanent loss) is statistically irrelevant over time, given the strong, known fixed margin of available odds typically enjoyed throughout the industry.

Our Commitment

At ChipFloat, we endeavor to provide deep capital reserves at competitive market prices while only serving recognized, legal gaming partners throughout the world.

Our private capital partners have committed to fund risks that while statistically insignificant over the long term, do entail some measure of short term risk, however improbable.  As such, our clients may expect a premium return with liquidity that is perhaps unparalleled for the expected returns that they seek.